Double Drawers


Double The Drawers.

Drawer Name Attribute: A big Thankyou to our supporters Serena , Alexis and Salome for giving our drawers such cute names!
What’s included : 
  • Twin pull out standard beauty drawers.
  • Free sticker pack 
  • Reusable packaging 
  • Free Postcard (Postage stamps not included)
Why we created it:
  • Cuts your ready time in half
  • Tucks away your beauty products e.g lipsticks, concealers, creams
  • Protects your beauty products from dust, dirt and spray particles. 
  • Encourages more conscious buying rather than good ole beauty junkism (We too have been guilty of this)

Nice to know: Made from durable plastic, Can be cleaned with warm water and fibre cloth, Durable and Sustainable , shelf life of up to 10 years (Pass it down to a family member or to a friend). 

Dimensions: L19.9 x W24.8 x H8.6cm

Standard Drawer Dimension : H4cm


IMPORTANT : This is a pre order and estimate delivery will be on the 25th October , we are near to completion of production and our stock have already been paid for however due to corona virus , shipping process from our manufacturer is significantly longer. Thankyou for your support!


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