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The Dreamers Haze Collection

The Dreamers Haze Collection

This collection marked the beginning of where we want to start growing our brand. The feeling of excitement , pops of colour, campaigns, great qual...

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Humble Beginnings

Who doesn't love an underdog?  Fight for something you believe in. We fight for those who dare to dream. I hid myself behind beauty products for so long that I was losing the battle with myself.

When I created 10FT I had a personal revolution , "Are these products making me happy? " , we dare you to ask yourself the same question.

Underdog Flex

Building a brand is tough, yes we sold out our first ever product but made no money. We took a gamble and joined our first show, Beautycon London 2017 and although it was a hit, we were understocked and under priced due to a delayed shipment! Was our "luck" beginning to run out? Was it time for me to quit?

Just getting started

I wasn't quitting at all! The brand had its first event & it was stunning! We also had the privilege of debuting our Dreamers Haze collection at Stylist live! Eeek!

After working with a packaging designer and getting started with a top industry brand consultant , we are working towards creating the most special & personable brand to help shape your routine. 

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